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We lend a touch of class and sparkle to your windows

As a premier Window Cleaning Company in Riyadh, we prioritize excellence and client satisfaction. Our team excels in residential and commercial projects, including high-rises, ensuring impeccable Glass Cleaning Services. We're not just about exceptional results; we're also committed to being approachable, supportive, and available for any inquiries or concerns you may have. With specialized expertise and certification in multistory exterior window cleaning, we guarantee safe and efficient service, leaving your windows streak-free and sparkling. Trust us to rejuvenate your windows, making them look as good as new.

High level Window Cleaning Companies

1. High Level Window Cleaning

High level window cleaning is done by applying soapy water both inside the window and outside using a hand-held T-bar and sleeve which is extendable with the addition of a pole. The water is then removed using a window squeegee and finally the edges of each window are cleaned with a scrim cloth

2. Traditional Window Cleaning

We only use traditional methods of cleaning your windows. Everything is done by hand with the, most modern up to date tools in a variety of tailored techniques that give your windows protection. We only use the best professional window cleaner liquid, which contains an added water repellent. This means that your windows will always have a clear, no-smear, and polished finish regardless of rain or shine.

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3. Reach & Wash Window Cleaning

This external window cleaning system is one of the most popular, worldwide. It is done with telescopic window cleaning poles, which enables cleaning up to a height of 24 meters, minus the use of specialist access equipment, which can be very costly to hire. This system uses hot water for improved cleaning and results in a superior finish.

4. Window cleaning from a powered access platform

We use a whole range of powered equipment to provide access for commercial window cleaning at height and where we need to reach over obstacles to access windows. All our operatives are IPAF (International Powered Access Federation) certified to use different types of mobile elevating work platforms we employ in our work. We are always extremely careful to put in place all the necessary traffic management systems required to protect both our operators and those at ground level.

High level Window Cleaning Companies
High level Glass Cleaning Companies

5. Abseil & rope access window cleaning

This dedicated window cleaning system uses abseil and rope access to clean windows at high levels. Our team are all IRATA (Industrial Rope Access Trade Association) qualified and fully insured to undertake abseil and rope access window cleaning, flawlessly.

6. Window cleaning from a cradle

Many high-rise buildings now incorporate cradles in their design and these are used for general external maintenance as well as for window cleaning. When undertaking window cleaning from a cradle we work closely with cradle manufacturers and our operatives are fully competency trained. Additionally, we are fully insured for the use of cradles in commercial window cleaning.

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