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We make your marble floors and countertops shine.

When it comes to beautifying your living or working environment, whether it be residential or commercial, marble stands out as an exquisite choice. Adorning countertops, vanities, and flooring, this natural stone exudes elegance and sophistication. Renowned for its timeless allure and resilience, marble has captivated admirers since ancient times, dating back to the 1st century BC. If you seek to preserve and enhance the allure of your marble surfaces, our Marble Cleaning and Polishing Company in Riyadh stands ready to serve you with unmatched expertise and dedication.

Ensuring the immaculate allure of marble flooring is imperative for maintaining its pristine beauty. Our adept team specializes in professional marble floor cleaning services in Riyadh. Utilizing cutting-edge restoration technologies, we meticulously eliminate dullness, rings, and scratches, ensuring your marble surfaces gleam with enduring brilliance. Our commitment at Marble Polishing Companies Riyadh is to deliver unparalleled expertise in marble cleaning, polishing, and sealing. With advanced techniques and premium materials, we safeguard the splendor of your marble countertops, vanities, and floors, preserving their timeless elegance. Marble polishing is a 5-step process as detailed below:

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1. Grinding

First, the surface is thoroughly cleaned. Then cracks if any are filled out and any lippage eliminated to ensure the surface is completely even and flat at the grout lines. Diamond grinding is then done to a very fine grade until a polished finish is achieved. This eliminates scratches, allowing natural crystals on the surface to reflect light more effectively, lending a sheen to the marble surface.

2. Honing

Honing is a process where silicon carbide or diamond particles are rubbed over the surface to remove a minute amount of stone. In the process they remove or smooth out scratches and ingrained soil, giving it a matte finish. This finish will be scratch-resistant as it is not glossy. It is created by stopping short of the next stage, leaving the stone with a non-shiny, matte look and velvet-like touch.

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3. Polishing

Polishing is a treatment that aims to ensure the marble remains shiny, clean and spotless. The marble surface is polished using diamond polishing powder with fine diamond abrasives and/or diamond pads to eliminate any residue scuffs and light scratches, transforming the shiny surface into a deep, lustrous gloss.

4. Crystallization

Crystallization is the process in which a steel wool pad is used in combination with a weighted floor machine and acid solution to bring a polish to stone floors. This is done using a standard speed floor machine. The steel wool generates heat through abrasion and the chemical reacts with the marble, producing a new compound on the surface of the stone. Crystallization is effective only with calcium-based stones such as marble and limestones.

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5. Sealing

A technique for getting the best appearance with a marble surface is to use a sealer that is also a marble enhancer. Marble is soft and porous, which means that marble surfaces absorb liquids that could leave stains. Hence, marble needs to be well-sealed to minimize damage to their flawlessness. The sealant will protect interior marble surfaces for up to 5 years and exterior marble surfaces for up to 3 years.